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The Corfu painter George S. Samartzis (1868-1925)


The recently published book by the Secretary of the Association, Nektarianna Saliverou entitled "The Corfu painter George S. Samartzis (1868-1925)".

Summary from the book

George S. Samartzis (1868-1925) is a Corfiot artist who with his passion for visual writing combined elements and influences from Neapolitan, French, and Ionian artists of the 18th and 19th centuries. The starting point of his morphological language is Academism and Academic Realism which, however, are gradually being replaced by a source idiom which is based on the imprint of the instant with obvious references to French Outdoors and Impressionism. Religious themes, portraits, ethnographic scenes, and landscapes, compose an interesting artistic temperament, a fundamental element of which is recognized the sincerity of media and the clear tendency for evolution and diversity. (From the presentation on the back of the book).