Hellenic Association of Art Authenticators / Appraisers

Aim : 

To Promote Authenticity in Greek Art

To Provide & Promote tools that can help identify if a work of art or an artistic expression can be considered Authentic 

We determine Authenticity in (4) four tests:

(i) verification of the artist’s signature on the work of art

(ii) a review of the historical documentation attesting to the history of the artifact

(iii) scientific evidence (x-rays of the canvas, infrared spectroscopy of the paint, dendrochronological analysis of the wood) and

(iv) the expert judgment of a connoisseur with a trained eye

To promote research that proves the authenticity of the provenance of a work of art & the positive identification of the artist and the place and time of the artwork’s origin 




Board of Directors


President: Achilleas Tsantilis

Secretary:Stefanos Samaras

Teller: Dimitrios Selimis (t.)

Member: Nikolaos Vasilatos

Alternate member: Dimitrios Mourkakos

Art Conservation & Restoration Department

Art Conservator - Museologist: Zoe Sakki

Head of Culture: Michalis Makroulakis (honorary)

Head of Culture: Stella Gkiouzeli, Art Historian

Legal Advisor: Konstantinos Politakos

Legal Advisor: Evita Varela

Secretary:Stella Gkiouzeli