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Alekos Fasianos: The prices of the works of the emblematic painter


Interview by the President of the Association, Achilleas Tsantilis

Alekos Fasianos, the emblematic painter, who sealed his time with her work, "passed away" on Sunday, January 16, at the age of 87.

As of Sunday, Greece "lost" an emblematic artist, Alekos Fasianos.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that there is no Greek who has not seen a painting by Fasianos. Besides, this is what he wanted, his works to be in the homes of all Greeks, as Mr. Achilleas Tsantilis, President of the Association of Art Appraisers of Greece and Certified Appraiser of the Greek State, emphasizes in

"He is a world-renowned artist who has had a great journey abroad, with exhibitions in Sweden, France, and many other countries. "He was the most famous Greek of the 20th century in the whole world, an intelligent artist and businessman, who had tackled many things, creating a large number of works", he emphasizes in iEidiseis.

Asked about the prices at which his works range and whether they are launched after his death, Mr. Tsantilis says, "his works, the great compositions he made from the beginning (acrylic on canvas or oil) in the middle period of his life from the '70s until 2005, in a medium-size 80x100, average quality, beauty and which depict figures ranging from 10,000 to 20,000 euros. While, those that depict birds, for example, range up to 15,000 ", he says and adds:

"I estimate that after his death, the prices will remain at the same levels or will go up in the works depicting cyclists. On the other hand, the price of smaller projects may fall slightly. I estimate that the prices will not skyrocket, after all, collectors know that the artist has been facing health problems for a long time ".

He concludes by saying that "it is worth mentioning that in auctions that are not addressed to the average buyer, two of his works were sold for 500,000 and 700,000 euros".

This article was published by Nefeli Skarlidou on on 17-01-2022 15:01